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Wednesday, 24. August 2011

traditional incandescent
By ken2010, 05:55

Accident LED interior lighting demonstration project being accepted Specifically speaking, our province still with emphasis will fund this year four kind of LED projects, including LED industry core technologies attack, LED Industrial base construction, LED industry innovation platform construction and LED illumination demonstration project.

Was different what with last year, in the LED illumination demonstration project's declaration project, besides continued to support various units to apply the new business model, the promoted application high efficiency LED street light illumination product,LED lights manufacturer this year also newly increased to the indoor LED illumination demonstration project subsidization. The goal is encourages to promote massively applies by the interior lighting LED illumination product primarily, draws the LED industry to develop fast.

The city science and technology bureau related public figures indicated that this is our province integrates for the first time the LED interior lighting demonstration project to the LED industry financing projects category, this adjustment manifested the policy to have the new emphasis point to the LED industry guidance direction. Dongguan is engaged in the LED interior lighting product the enterprise to be not infrequent, this subsidization scope's adjustment, will be a very significant advantage is good.

Hoped that each unit concerned seize on a chance, carries on the declaration positively. The big ritual each project subsidization volume 50,000,000 Yuan place an upper limit on At present, Dongguan had four LED projects to report in last year success the special fund subsidization,dvb t tuners altogether obtains 66,000,000 Yuan subsidization volumes. "Notice" pointed out that this year our province will arrange the special fund to continue once more to arrange 450,000,000 Yuan, will support the LED industrial development with emphasis.

Regarding reported that the successful project, each project province financial aid funds are not lower than 10,000,000 Yuan in principle (including 10,000,000 Yuan), does not surpass 50,000,000 Yuan. This LED industry project adopts on-line declaration the form, the Requisition unit must ( submit application material and so on project requisition, feasible report through the province science and technology hall service integrated management system website.

The solid state will illuminate (SSL) is also the light emitter diode (LED) illumination will substitute for the incandescent lamp and the FL/CFL illumination very obviously, its behind propelling force will stipulate, the high efficiency, the long life as well as the environment question including the government. Because the government continues to eliminate the incandescent lamp bulb gradually (e.g., Europe stipulated that at the end in 2009 starts to be forbid the 100W light bulb, at the end in 2010 starts to be forbid the 75W light bulb).

Is left over the only option is includes the micro mercury CFL light bulb and the LED light bulb, but unfortunately, the LED light bulb's cost still far was higher than the incandescent lamp or CFL. Moreover, the LED light bulb conforms to RoHS (deleterious substance use stipulation) to stipulate,dvb t mpeg4 and it does not contain the mercury or other deleterious substances - - is more advantageous to the environment.
However, this goal realizes must impel by each big company, for example:

IKEA announced that they first gradually will eliminate the incandescent lamp bulb, will supply in the future only CFL and the LED light bulb. Needs to pay attention another spot will be the LED price will descend fall slowly, will thus cut the total LED light bulb price effectively. This then lets the general consumers be able to use a longer life, the more beneficial environment LED light bulb to substitute for its obsolete each kind of light bulb. Because LED light bulb replacement speed's quickening,dvb-t receivers we may foresee in the future in these light bulbs the built-in more characteristics, it will change in our daily life to use lamps and lanterns' way.

Because tungsten wire giving off heat and cools, the traditional incandescent lamp bulb basic has one kind of unique related color temperature (CCT). In use brightness regulator's situation, this kind of CCT when depth beam control presents the red-orange, but when at full capacity (non-beam control) is the brilliant white, it changes between these two kind of color temperatures.

When uses LED, may let the different type the colored LED combination send out the colored light, provides with incandescent lamp bulb similar CCT, or as shown in Figure 1 any CIE1931 chromaticity diagram color. Moreover, we may also increase many characteristics, for example: Uses in adjusting, grouping and changes these light bulb luminous efficiency color the long-distance/wireless control - -, but this also merely is only the primary application.

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