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Wednesday, 31. August 2011

excretory system
By ken2010, 05:48

Circulatory system mainly by the heart, the blood vessel and the blood sinus is composed. The blood circulation is open style, the blood vessel terminal does not have the blood capillary, only then blood sinus.

in the heart's before adductor pricardial coelom, has ventricle one, auricle 2. The auricle assumes the triangle, the wall is thin, the belt is brown, usually is composed of the simple epithelia cell. About the auricle is interlinked in thoracic and abdominal area inside each other.

Ventricle wall thickness, the interior has many powerful textile fibers, outside constitutes by a cell. Between the auricle and the ventricle has the loop to be interlinked, but has the valve great distance, prevents when the contraction the blood pours into the auricle. cheap evening dresses the blood vessel the blood vessel which branches out from the heart is called the artery. Rear area branches out the aorta and the latter aorta respectively before ventricle's.

The first aorta to leads the way along the internal organs group branches out the internal organs artery, the digestion caecum and the full artery branch again and so on. Latter aorta from ventricle's behind, along adductor downward, derives the adductor artery and the pallial artery branch and so on. the blood sinus, is situated between the artery and the vein, the blood sinus mainly has coat Dou, foot Dou and central big Dou (big venous sinus) and so on. Big venous sinus located at between pricardial coelom and nephridium.

The heart contraction presses out blood (on blood, colorless transparent), organizes various part after the around aorta to the body. And, after part of blood enter the mantle, may carry on the exchange of gases directly, spits breathes in fresh air old, finally the class returns to the heart, but the majority of blood mainly organize various part by the around aorta and the branch inflow body.

Not the fresh blood concentrates through each organization's arterial bifurcation tube in the organization gap blood sinus, then flows in the big venous sinus by the blood sinus to transport again to the kidney vein. In kidney, blood after kidney's blood vessel wall venous rete elimination waste, flows in the gill from the kidney to carry on the exchange of gases again. After the oxidized blood,discount costume jewellery after leaves the gill static ripple to return to the auricle and the ventricle.

Although respiratory system the mantle has certain respiration, but the most main breathing apparatus was still a gill. The gill located at the mantle inside, is composed of the inside and outside two petals. Each petal by many compound and is composed with the gill axis vertical gill silk. The gill silk to the thoracic and abdominal area sagging, makes a backward somersault upwardly again. Between the gill silk and the gill silk, has the cilium which combines mutually by the cilium forms to scrutinize the relation.

Have the afferent branchial vessel in the gill axis's back and the thoracic and abdominal area and the gill blood vessel. The blood enters the gill after the afferent branchial vessel to carry on the exchange of gases. nervous system has the cranial nerve festival,South Sea Pearls the dirty ganglion, full ganglion each pair, and has the brain dirty nerve commissure and the brain full nerve commissure performs the mutual connection.

The cranial nerve location of knots nearby the labellum base, about each 1, connects by esophagus's on nerve commissure their each other. The cranial nerve festival derives nerve branch to mantle, adductor and labellum and so on. The dirty ganglion located at the adductor thoracic and abdominal area, derives nerve branches and so on adductor, mantle, gill, kidney.

The full ganglion 1 pair is located at between the foot and the mouth, approaches the full back central committee, connects but heals. Nerve which from the full ganglion stretches out, distributes to full each. reproductive system the gonad by the follicle,Mover Company the gonaduct and the reproduction delivery pipe is composed. The follicle and the gonaduct form germ cell's main part, but reproduces the delivery pipe only to play discharges germ cell's role.

The gonaduct assumes the branch shape, an end and the follicle are connected, another end collects in the reproduction delivery pipe, finally opens the mouth to call the cloacal orifice. excretory system constitutes by 1 pair of kidney and the pricardial coelom gland. Kidney after adductor and between gill's half, receives in full myo- upside, encircles the funnel pipe coupling by the kidney in the pricardial coelom; The pricardial coelom gland located at the auricle nearby, is one kind of dendroid brown gland, multi-blood vessels but can seep out the excreta.

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