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Thursday, 08. September 2011

important factor
By ken2010, 05:47

 Because LED driver electric circuit (including many diodes, transformer and capacitor) the performance cannot be the same with the pure resistance load, therefore its PFC possible to lower to 0.5. To enhance PFC to is higher than 0.9, active or the passive PFC electric circuit must design in the LED driver electric circuit. Should also mention a spot is, in the utilization massive LED illumination array's application, high PFC is especially important.

For example, in the use surpasses several hundred 50W the LED lamp to stop in the garage, the high PFC(>0.95) LED driver design will be very advantageous.LED Spot Lights is very important besides high PFC, maximum limit reduces the LED lamp's overtone degree of distortion to be very also important. The international electrician committee (International Electrotechnical Commission) had already drawn up the IEC 61000-3-2 C kind of lighting attachment overtone standard, guaranteed that the new LED lighting system satisfies these to distort the request lowly.

  In the illumination application, can in the wide line input voltage, the output voltage and in the temperature change scope adjusts the LED electric current be accurately very important, because the LED brightness's change must be the human eye realizes with difficulty.LED Flood Lights Similarly, to guarantee that LED has the longest working life, does not need to be higher than its most large quantity definite value the electric current to actuate LED is also very important.

In the isolation instead stirs up-like in the application to adjust the LED electric current not always to be very simple, but frequently needs the feedback loop which an optical coupler closes needs, possibly or must increase an extra transformation level. However, these two methods increased the complexity and the reliable question.

What is lucky,LED Ceiling Lights some LED the IC driver design has used the new design method, guaranteed that does not need these extra modules and/or increases the design complexity, can adjust the LED electric current accurately. must transit very quickly from the incandescent lamp to the LED lamp, one of faced with biggest barriers is based on the LED solution cost and the size.

The consumer is accustomed to payment less than 0.50 US dollar replaces 60W the incandescent lamp, pays about 3 US dollars to replace a similar wattage the CFL lamp. The payment surpasses 30 US dollars to replace a LED lamp, is a big barrier which the consumer must overcome.

By such price calculation, in the LED average life, the economical electrical energy and the replacement cost compares, changes into the LED lamp to have the economic significance truly.

However,Patch Panel Manufacturer the majority consumers are not accustomed to relate like this look at the question. Generally speaking, the warehouse, will stop the garage and so on because to illuminate especially pays the high quota energy bill the Commercial department to use the LED illumination quickly,哮喘 because the expense will save is more obvious. Along with the LED lamp purchasing expense's drop, will have more consumers to be willing to change the LED illumination. 


 Last similarly important factor is, LED illumination solution size. Many flares are the direct precession lamp holder may replace, DVB-T TUNER therefore the entire LED solution must be able to load into with in the original incandescent lamp volume and the shape same space.

LED needs a radiator and is more complex much the driver electric circuits, therefore enters with the incandescent lamp volume and the shape same space Chinese dress including these two partial entire LED solution, possibly is a challenge. Therefore, needs LED driver IC must be able, in simple, occupies in the board area compact solution to provide all these needs the function and the characteristic. One kind of new solution

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