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Wednesday, 28. September 2011

mineral substance
By ken2010, 06:13

From original kilogram several jiao Qian Dao a holding frequently over ten thousand Yuan, accompany the price which now flies suddenly rises suddenly, the Taishan jade are becoming the hot spot which once more people pay attention. Recently, the CCTV related Guangdong Taishan jade during several years rose suddenly several hundred time of reports the Taishan jade to push to again people's field of vision, LED Tube Light but regarding rise suddenly the Taishan jade, takes its habitat Taishan, what state at present develops? Which factors behind the price has to become the price hand slap? As will the jade market's rising star, what rely on with jade in and so on Huanglong jade competitions to make own brand influence? In the future the Taishan jade market will develop toward what kind of direction?

  In this report, reporter will penetrate into the Taishan jade habitat, inquired about the Taishan jade the development present situation, faces at present the question and so on, as well as the local market state of play and so on, demonstrated diligently gives the reader a real Taishan jade.

  Origin: Over a billion year geologic activity fermentation jade treasure   Along the western coast high speed from Taishan under steep export high speed,HTPC Keyboard 276 walks more than 30 minutes again after the provincial road toward the south, arrived at the Taishan jade to produce that qin dike.

 That qin dike, located at Taishan's west south tip, the surface dynasty sea, behind is the sierra which winds to fluctuate, besides the beautiful beach, that qin dike's jade is richly colorful, the quartz, the request handkerchief stone, the fluorspar, the Taishan jade and various natural ornamental stone might find the trace in here, that qin is called by the Guangdong valuable jade expert the southern part of China “the treasure vase”.

  It is reported that the Taishan jade mineral lode produces in area 40 square kilometer multiple granite mountain massifs, the granite, the multiple rock mass, periphery cambrian series eight village group constitutions and so on mica schist, cloud UK schist, the mix lithification is intense. In the rock mass the granite arteries, the aplitic dyke, the micrite dike, the quartz dike growth is rich.Android TV Keyboard The Taishan jade namely produces in the hydrothermal alternately dike, quartz, request handkerchief Shi Chanyu in micrite dike, but the yellow agalmatolite namely produces inside the quartz dike.

  According to Taishan spirit jade Chinese style pavilion Tibet Ms. He Xueer introduced that the Taishan jade's formation may trace over a billion years ago, mainly only then has in the offshore region. She introduced that along with the dike after the long earth's crust change, the dike is dispersed, silting alluviation to the mountain massif indentation place, because long-term ground water and surface water immersion, in addition numerous mineral substance and so on silicon, iron fusion reasons, achievement Taishan jade. But on the mountain rock is the identical landform freely with the Taishan jade, but because actually does not have the moisture content to moisten and so on reasons not to be able to accomplish today's jade.   Development: All the people development “washes the jade” the army

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