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Friday, 21. October 2011

wedding dresses
By ken2010, 06:42

Historical development
Wedding style changes: the original wedding, design is very complex. The vertical lines of the empire-waist gown, pleated sleeves and open low neckline, as was the fashion style. Silk and satin are the main fabrics wedding. Later the wedding style is long and ankle, front skirt with a straight cut, after pictures with another full-length skirt, when the bride walked down the red carpet, full-length skirt also on the carpet was too, make the bride has angel charm. After the wedding style, a wide, low neckline and a high neckline is replaced by the material, with gorgeous brocade, neckline, cuffs and hem is also dotted with many flowers. Water slide To the end of the nineteenth Century, the texture is soft gauze, double crepe and taffeta the bride who favor.

In early twentieth Century, wedding become shorter, and also have the dance skirt function, can let the bride in the wedding party unique style. In 30 time, popular trend to bride wedding corset, more charming and moving. In 40, wedding simple tailoring, heart shaped neckline and long sleeves gloves became a kind of fashion.

To 60 time, wedding short length of many, some even with" mini skirt" not much different, raw materials to the linen and cotton is the most popular. 70's wedding, showing a strong nostalgia, style and long, a multiple pleated lace hem, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, highly decorative, with soft color cloth. In 90, wedding design breaks the traditional rotary swing skirt design, and draws on the fashion design characteristics. The top portion of the bare majority; a skirt portion having cheongsam type, short skirt, and a practical combined wedding bride to the church, the day or evening dinner guests to their own combination.

Brief introduction
2011 wedding trends in fashion elements focused on wedding in every detail. Inadvertently place gives a surprise, the overall shape is simple, the details of the same to Jian Shengfan, less sperm quality. 2011 wedding four pandemic elements are: badminton,Plastic wood flounces, three-dimensional flowers and crystal diamond. Regarded as the most traditional wedding fashion clothing, its prevalence cycle, although not as obvious clothing, but every year there is also a general trend. 2011 wedding fashion total trend is elegant and generous, but also includes the collision between tradition and modernity.

Recent popular
Decorative techniques mainly traditional embroidery, pearl crystal sequins, lace, ribbon, bow, fold, flounces, three-dimensional flowers and feathers, than the column is also selected according to this order, with no difference in the past.
Romantic levels

Levels on performance and pace of change, rather than complicated decoration, we see a lot of oblique or vertical Heye Bian, romantic and beautiful. There are levels shown by the fluffy, filled with empty inspiration, not heavy.
Three dimensional contour

Wedding is the selection of the best quality fabrics, whether it is a good drape satin, heavy brocade, smooth black yarn or taffeta, can create a distinct line of three-dimensional modeling, but not limited to the overall contour or partially decorated.

Graceful curve
Fishtail skirt can best express the female S curve, and the latest fishtail skirt styles below the hips will not collect too tight,Playground equipment hem from above the knee slowly opened, generally presents as more slender A shape, a body modification, walking is also more convenient

Color more changeable
During the spring and summer of 2011, the international standard color authority Pantone company after the New York designers search, extract 10 kinds of color as a ladies fashion color, including violet, yellow, turquoise, coral Aurora powder, tomato, bright blue, pink champagne, Tuscan light brown, olive green, Eucalyptus ash. The system has been integrated into the fashion wedding dress design also roughly according to this color system choose this season main color, in which the tomato color and turquoise is the season of wedding dress key color.

The design style is more inclined to the details of winning
This season the wedding dresses more pay attention to the details of the deal. Stylist for details of treatment continues the overall modelling simple fashion, more focus on the shoulder, neck and waist line design, hollow, embroidery, flower and other elements are widely used. Such as embroidery and other Oriental elements the Western-style wedding more annexed Eastern bride graceful temperament. Shoulder and neck transparent design is the hot season wedding.

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