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Monday, 24. October 2011

promotion popularizes
By ken2010, 06:17

TV one
At present, the market sales of digital television, in the strict sense, but not the digital television, digital television signal display ( HDTV READY ), because it is not a direct digital TV watching digital TV program, need to connect a set-top box, and converts the received signal format only, without a set-top box your digital TV, high resolution and also of no use.

However, the digital television integrated machine without a set-top box, therefore, the digital television integrated machine is considered to be" the true meaning of the digital television", represents the future of digital TV development direction, through the set-top box to watch digital TV is a transitional measure, is the national machine card separation policy, or the national digital television standard not before the introduction of the temporary measures. China Video Industry Association Secretary-General Bai people also think: the future of digital TV development direction is the digital television integrated machine, the set-top box is a transitional product.

Digital television integrated machine being able to use?
Then, the digital television integrated machine in the current television signal format can use? This is one of many consumer concerns. TCL digital television integrated machine project responsible person said: digital television integrated machine is actually the digital-analog integrated machine, is compatible with digital and analog two signal. In the card when you can watch digital TV signal, in the card case can watch all current analog television signal, and we now use TV does not have any difference. It is sufficient to consider the digital TV 's popularity in China also need a period of time the basic reality.

Development superiority   The digital television is the numerical information technology product, take the digitization, interactive as a characteristic, it television propagation mode and information technology collection in a body. Compares with present looker-in's tradition analog television, digital technique's high accuracy causes the digital television, regardless of greatly enhanced from the picture clarity or the sound accompaniment effect.wireless keyboardsSimultaneously the digital television broadcast that the system can save the channel resources effectively.

Moreover, because the broadband networks can disseminate the immediate video image and the clear sound smoothly, can therefore apply fully in each profession, develops each kind of comprehensive service. Says specifically, the digital television has the following superiority:

  1) the existing analog television channel bandwidth is 8MHZ, can only transmit a set of ordinary analog television program, uses the digital television latter channel to be possible to transmit 6-10 set of digital television program, along with will arrange the decoding technology the improvement, transmission quantity will further also enhance, the television channel use factor will enhance greatly.  
  2) the clarity is high, the audio frequency effect is good, antijamming ability. The digital television signal's transmission does not look like the simulated signal the influence which the noise accumulates in the transmission process, and geographical sector's limit, may not the infinite expanded coverage, watch nearly in the receiving end the television image and listens to sound quality very close studio level. In addition, digital television's audio frequency effect is good, may support five sound track's Dubi the digital (Ac-3)5.1 encirclement stereo sound family theater service. In the similar coverage area, digital television's emissive power must compared to the analog television small number magnitude.

  3) may realize the motion receive, the portable receive and each kind of data value-added service, realizes the video on demand and so on each kind of interactive television service. Realizes the encryption/decipher to harass/the solution with Canada to harass the function, htpc Keyboards guarantee correspondence secretive and the charge service. But the condition receiving system's application, may realize the user and the service good management, has guaranteed the fund effective recycling.

  4) the system has used the open middleware technology, can realize each kind of interactive application, may with the computer and the Internet interconnection intercommunication, the development surfer, the selection and broadcast, the distance learning promotion popularizes, the electronic commerce, the interactive game's application.

  5) easy to realize the signal to save, moreover the storage time has nothing to do with the signal characteristic, easy to develop many kinds of value-added services.

  6), because retained the existing analog television video frequency form, the subscriber's premises only need install the digital television set-top box then to receive the digital television program.

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