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Thursday, 07. July 2011

The Jinzhongjiang
By ken2010, 06:40

Wrestling shoes are active wear used in competition and practice for the sport of wrestling. Generally extremely light and flexible, they try to mimic the bare foot with slightly more traction and ankle support and less chance of contracting a disease or hurting someone with your toe nails.
Some power lifters find wrestling shoes to be useful when lifting because of how little shock absorption they provide.
There are also higher arches in wrestling shoes to keep the athlete on their toes more to allow more speed.

 He, is in a entertainment world moist person, is also in the circle famous “the emotion expert”. He always goes too far the modelling to present, also analyzes love frequently in the blog for the reader. This time, the straddling of zones works as the women's shoes designer Cai Kangyong, becomes aware with oneself to the fashion feeling, to be at the different love stage the female, created “the women's shoes revolution”.

regardless of attends any activity, Cai Kangyong each time presents as if can instantaneous become the focal point which reporter the magnesium lamp pursues. "Two Generation of Electricity companies" not only behind the reception of TV honey is Cai Kangyong leaps up rapidly red,discount women shoes also let that shoulder step on the crow “the thunder” man-made to inscribe firmly in audience's impression. Regarding this, Cai Kangyong indicated that actually the inspiration originates in the British big direction hopes area Kirke.

after several years, at 47th session of Golden Horse Award presentation ceremony, Cai Kangyong “thunder” person principle promotion: He wore inserts has filled the feather black western-style clothing, a white hair, has unexpectedly also worn a big birdcage on. Regarding this creativity, he explained: “the real life has filled the helpless, the people look like are been stranded in the birdcage. Certainly, this also indicates that the movie person should launch the imagination the wing, departs the birdcage, brings a more attractive movie to us.”

when attends the Jinzhongjiang presentation ceremony, Cai Kangyong once had also hung a black and white interaction chamberpot in the neck; Dai Guo “puffed rice barrel hat” and supermodel Lin Zhiling PK height; In order to express in a friendly way, he hangs one in the chest forever commissioning which greets; When the death writes down the big heat, he lets the god of death sulfur gram lie prone on his shoulder; Is lucky the blanket when with small S, a he messy and dirty hair, a body worn-out long unlined close-fitting gown, actually outside throws over the western-style clothing, to wear the diamond ring, plays the role of the riches and honor beggar ......

Too numerous to cite individually does the modelling wickedly, endures compares Lady GaGa.wholesale fashion jewellery “I want to penetrate the design, will give to the woman who romantically each is worth doting on.”This time, has special keen Cai Kangyong to the fashion, will like the emotion becoming aware hides in the shoe.

He was the JCC brand has designed one by his surname naming CAI series, “writing mark” concealment in exquisite design, and, but also has composed love admonition for each section of design. regarding love searching, he said: “the love, will be certainly will have the little pain? Not only because the love occurs, simultaneously is also withstands, withstanding loves the hit, withstanding love the weight, withstands a God of Love that shiny arrow to shoot ......”

regarding the faith which loves really, he said like this: “many places, you thought has not loved trace. Many people, you thought that has not experienced the love. You will have such misunderstanding, only will be because, you will not have are useful you the hand, has stroked gently ......” regarding love dissipation,affordable evening dress he gently will comfort: “loses you, did not indicate that forgets you. On the contrary, loses you, possibly indicated that collects you ......”

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